Vikings have Spirit - Spirit Week 2011

By Brea Cowan '12

During the week of October 3 through the 6, VASJ celebrated its annual Spirit Week which included the whole school to participate in various themes leading up to this year’s most highly anticipated homecoming for the Viking Village. From tacky day to twin day, everyone ripped through their closets to find the most jaw-dropping outfits they could. Even teachers like Mrs. Joseph (history) and Mrs. Dayton (English) could not run to save their lives! The students were sick with Viking pride and soon the whole school would be infected.

Though the Village has a reputation for exciting events like Spirit Week, this year in particular was very important for the seniors. Once upon a time, we were freshmen and now it is our responsibilities to show what it truly means to be a Viking. Being a Viking is more than going to school to see your friends or because you have to: being a Viking is being a leader in every aspect of your life (faith, family and education). To whom much is given much is required and with that being said there was nothing more that the class of 2012 wanted to do then set the bar as high as possible for the classes to come.

This bar setting started with the Powder Puff game and, as expected, the junior girls were no match to the senior girls! The boys in each class arranged practices to prepare for the game, which was held right after school on the field. After numerous touchdowns and great effort, the refs finally called it quits and announced the seniors’ victory. After chants and cries of joys, we all hugged and smiled for our picture and bowed our heads for prayer.

As I looked around, I could only see closeness, a real family. Our happiness was not in the fact that we won but the fact that we did this together for the last time. It was an experience that will always be in our hearts. The heart of a Viking!