VASJ students raise over $4,000 for charity

Each year during Lent, VASJ students organize a Lenten Mission Collection (LMC) in which the entire student body raises money for a worthy cause, usually with some connection to the school. This year, Mr. Minadeo’s ('74) Functions and Statistics class (all seniors) took on the challenge of planning and executing the LMC. The theme of this year's collection was, sacrifice begins with you.

The collection, which kicked of on Ash Wednesday, ended on Wednesday, April 4. Not only did the VASJ student body reach their original fundraising goal of $4,000, but they actually exceeded it by nearly $500.

Several organizations will be the beneficiaries of the funds raised during the LMC.

The seniors collected money for the Shinsky Orphanage in Matamoros, Mexico, founded by alumnus John Shinsky ’69. The funds collected by the junior class supported Comunidad Oscar Arnulfo Romero (COAR) in El Slavador, where VASJ students travel each year for the El Salvador Encounter. Our Lady of Nazareth, a Marianist school in Nairobi, Kenya will be the recipients of the money raised by the sophomore class. The freshman class supported St. Aloysius pre-school, located right here in Cleveland.

The faculty and staff collected money as well (although these funds did not count toward the $4,000 goal) to support the Greater Cleveland Fisher House project in Cleveland.

At an assembly held on Thursday, April 19, the Functions and Statistics Class presented the organizations with the money raised.

VASJ President, Richard Osborne '69, accepted the $1,000 check for the Shinsky Orphanage on behalf of his classmate,
John Shinsky '69, who was unable to attend the assembly.

COAR program manager, John Naujoks '00, and president of the board, Chris Janezic, accepted the $1,000 check.

Rick DeChant of the Greater Cleveland Fisher House Task Force, accepted the $1,000 check from VASJ.

The Lenten Mission Collection is an important part of what makes the Viking Village unique. The students are reminded daily of the Ursuline and Marianist traditions of service to others.

In addition to being philanthropic, the collection was also an educational experience for the Functions and Statistics class. The class posted charts and graphs in the hallways daily with updates on the funds raised. This allowed the student body to stay aware of their class standing toward the goal and was a way for the Functions and Statistics class to put the knowledge they are learning in class to practical use.

Sacrifice Begins with You!

Angelique Broadus, Mel Burke, Amanda Gornik, Mike McGarry, Paul Rini, Anthony Sywanyk, Mato Vunak Jr., Derek Witcher II and Sarah Wandersleben.