VASJ senior Devin Baisden visits Channel 19 news

VASJ senior Devin Baisden had an experience today he won’t soon forget. He had the opportunity to visit the Channel 19 news station to get first-hand experience about being a news  meteorologist -- a career he is interested in pursuing after graduation. 

“I wanted to really experience what an on-camera meteorologist is,” Devin says. “I thought it would help me figure out what kind of meteorologist I want to be.” 

When he arrived at the studio first thing in the morning, wearing his VASJ Viking gear, he was greeted with a “Once a Viking, Always a Viking” chant from alumnus Brian Duffy ’82.

“He was really excited to see a fellow Viking there,” Devin says. 

He had a chance to meet with Tia Ewing, Channel 19 news anchor, and talked with meteorologist Samantha Roberts about her experiences. 

“She gave me a bunch of advice about the job and how you need to remember to just be yourself on camera.”

He also had the opportunity to sit in lead meteorologist Jeff Tanchak’s chiar.

“He is someone I really look up to,” Devin says. 

Devin had the opportunity to see all the weather radars and use the green screen. Seeing himself on the TV screen was his favorite part of the experience.

“It was pretty cool.”