VASJ holds annual Founders Day Liturgy and Awards Ceremony

Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School held its annual Founders Day Liturgy on Thursday, January 26. Founders Day is a day for the VASJ community to come together and celebrate the school’s Marianist founders, Blessed William Chaminade, the Venerable Adele de Batz Trenquellion and Marie Therese de Lamourous as well as St. Angela Merici, the founder of the Ursuline Order. During their time, these extraordinary individuals helped spread the word of God despite many hardships. As a result of their hard work, many people turned to God. VASJ is here today in honor of them. Being a school rooted in both Marianist and Ursuline traditions, VASJ seeks to live according to the example set by Father Chaminade and St. Angela Merici.

At the annual VASJ Founders Day Liturgy held on Thursday, January 26, 96 students were awarded over a quarter million dollars in scholarship money. Each of the scholarships was founded in the spirit of VASJ’s founders, Fr. Chaminade and St. Angela, to recognize the accomplishments of current Villa Angela-St. Joseph students.

The 2012 Founder’s Day scholarship winners are as follows:

Clark-Blaine-Clark Memorial Scholarship
. This $100 scholarship is dedicated to a football player who exhibits Viking loyalty, character, team commitment, personal leadership, and athletic ability. The 2012 recipient is Adam Scott.




The Christopher Lunter Memorial Scholarship
was established in memory of Chris Lunter, a 2001 graduate. The recipient of this $170 scholarship is a senior who endured the death of a parent. This year’s awardee is Phil Sanson.




The Kathryn Kerver Memorial Scholarship
, in the amount of $220, is awarded to a Catholic student who, among other criteria, is spirited, maintain good conduct and attendance records, is non-judgmental and has demonstrate dedication and determination in his studies. This year’s recipient is Jake Richards.



The Amy Sambula Memorial Spirit Scholarship
recognizes a female student who has spirit, drive, enthusiasm and a love for VASJ. She is a leader and inspires moral leadership in others. Receiving a $250 scholarship from the Sambula’s is Kierra Cotton.



Alumni of the school who are involved in health-care related careers founded the Alumni Health Care Careers Scholarship. Dr. Holzheimer is presenting a $500 scholarship to a student interested in a career in the health care field, who has above average skills in science, maintains a good conduct record and is actively involved in the school. The 2012 Alumni Health Care Careers Scholarship winner is Asya Shadeed-Bey.



The William Breslin Scholarship
is a $500 award given to a student who maintains a GPA in the upper 25% of his class and is an athlete with a quiet humility. The 2012 awardee is Dennis Strnad.




The Marie Debartolo Service Award recognizes a daughter of a Villa Angela graduate who donates her time and talent through service. This year’s recipient of a $500 scholarship is DeSeanna Morgan.




The Umberto and Mary Ellen Fedeli Family Scholarship
recognizes a student who is an example of living Gospel values, exhibits a strong work ethic, gives service to the community and school and is an excellent role model. The $500 scholarship is awarded to Tyler Pearson-White.



The Tom L. Fink Memorial Scholarship
has been designated by the Fink family to go to a member of the VASJ football team who has demonstrated outstanding zeal, enthusiasm and commitment to student life, as well as a passion and commitment to study, work and sports. Receiving a $500 scholarship is Jack Seidel.


H.J. Jack Getler Memorial Scholarships
go to two outstanding students who have made the greatest contribution to the professionalism of the school's literary magazine, Ventures. The candidates were nominated by their moderator, maintain a 2.6 grade point average and represent the characteristics of a true Villa Angela-St. Joseph student. Selected to receive $500 each are Tyann Carter and Kelly Tecco.



The Eugene Oberst Memorial Scholarship
awards a mathematics student who has shown great effort, tries hard or has made significant progress in his/her study of mathematics. The $500 scholarship is awarded to Zach Fuentes.

The Barbara Blaser Scholarship
, recognizes a young woman who excels in business or technology courses. The recipient of a $500 scholarship is Jasmine Ross.

The Anna Mae Eppich-Lang Scholarship
is a $500 award in memory of Mrs. Lang. The recipient is a female resident of Cleveland who, in addition to performing well academically, has qualities that epitomize the spirit of VASJ. This year’s winner is Charleysia Duckworth.


The Sr. Naomi Schreiner Scholarship
is named after a legendary longtime VASJ Hall of Fame teacher. This $500 award is given to a senior who best represents the four characteristics of National Honor Society – scholarship, leadership, service and character. The 2012 recipient is Dan Ward.


The Sr. Angela Marie Waldron
, Scholarship recognizes a student who has shown a love of learning, has a grade point average of at least 3.0, participates in multiple activities and is active in his/her parish. Awarded $500 is Valerie Koch.




In keeping with the mission of the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland to transform society through social justice, the Ursuline Service Scholarship recognizes a student who is generous in her service to school, church and community, and is a leader when it comes to issues of justice. Receiving a $500 scholarship is Kaja Kijauskas.

Fr. Loius Wiesner Scholarship
. This scholarship is in memory of the founder and first principal of St. Joseph High School. This scholarship is awarded to four students who have demonstrated growth in the principles and characteristics of VASJ. Each of the following students will receive a $500 scholarship. They are Jeremy Hall, Devon Smith, Chris West and Jeff Williams.



The Kasunics are here today to present the Brian Kasunic Memorial Scholarship to a senior who is generous towards others, displays leadership qualities, character, and Viking spirit. This year’s recipient is of the $500 Brian Kasunic Memorial Scholarship is Anjelica Lucarelli.



Mr. Sopko, a 1967 graduate of St. Joseph High School and a VASJ Hall of Famer, established the William Sopko Music Award to recognize a student who has shown much improvement and/or dedication to her music education. The recipient of the $600 scholarship is Michel’le Smith.

The Joseph Farrell Memorial Scholarship
awards $750 to a senior who models Christian values, is generous to others, and exhibits Viking loyalty. This year, that student is Rodney Burse.




Inaugurated in 2008 in memory of Joe, a 2003 VASJ graduate who passed away after battling Leukemia for sixteen months, the Joseph P. Veasey Scholarship is designated to a junior or senior who excels in mathematics and displays strong academic curiosity. The recipient shows interest in art, architecture or engineering and models Marianist family spirit by cultivating meaningful interpersonal relationships and developing a strong sense of community amongst his peers. Receiving $750 scholarship is Pat Mastalski.


The Thomas J. Brazaitis Scholarship is awarded to a junior with an interest in a journalism, communications or English. This student maintains a good conduct record, is an above average student and represents the true values of VASJ. This award is named after the late Brazaitis, an author, Plain Dealer Washington Bureau columnist and VASJ Hall of Famer. The winner of the $1000 scholarship is Jordan Walker.

Rosalyn Capasso Scholarship
awards $1,000 to a female sophomore with a love of English and a keen interest in literature. This young lady must also uphold VASJ values and be of at least average academic ability. The 2012 awardee is Jaelyn Rogers.



As an All-American scholar athlete and St. Joseph High School graduate, Pat Lyons reached out to help students succeed and graduate from VASJ. The Pat Lyons Memorial Scholarships for $1,000 each, recognize two athletes who exhibit good character and citizenship. This year’s student athlete selections are Casey Timko and Deandre Forte.


The Frances Bernadette Meunier Memorial Scholarships
in the amount of $1,000 each, go to two volleyball student-athletes who exhibits a strong work ethic, have great personal leadership and team commitment and are actively involved in the VASJ community. The 2012 awardees are Alex Harvey and Malia Harvey.


Viking Scholarships
, in the amount of $1,000 each, recognize one student per class, as model VASJ students who demonstrate strong moral character, scholarship and leadership. The 2012 Viking Scholarship awardees are Ronny Faddoul, Brittany Shumar, Dominic Nicholas, and Tim Harrison.



In Memory of Joseph M. Zlatoper, the Zlatoper Family Scholarships are offered to students who excel in math or science courses by a better than average grade and have demonstrated an interest in math or science as a career. The students also demonstrate the Viking character and spirit that is a VASJ tradition. Receiving $1000 each are Brandi Bruce and Connor Gail.


The St. Joseph Class of 1958 Scholarship
honors two young men with $1250 each. These young men are Catholic, reside in Euclid or Cleveland, have demonstrated scholarship and a love of learning and must be in at least the tenth grade. The St. Joe’s Class of ’58 Scholarship winners are Nick Uitenham and Ryan Smith.



Sr. Rosemary Hocevar is a former science and math teacher and principal of Villa Angela Academy; She continues her support of VASJ today. Sr. Rosemary Hocevar Science Scholarship is dedicated for current sophomores or juniors who have maintained a 2.5 GPA, have demonstrated service to school, parish, and/or community, and are interested in a career in education, science, or math. Through an application process, two students have been selected to receive $1500 each. Sr. Susan Mary is presenting these awards on behalf of Sr. Rosemary Hocevar to Matt Bergant and Marissa Crissman.


The Fred & Diana Prince Science Scholarship is awarded to a junior who demonstrates excellence in science and plans to major in a science or technical field in college. The recipient also demonstrates leadership abilities in scientific activities at VASJ, has a social consciousness regarding the use of science, hopes to have a career in a science field and is a person of strong moral character. Mr. Prince is here to award the $1500 scholarship to Julia Humensky.


The Joy Kwasniak Swanson “Live For Joy” Memorial Scholarship
was inaugurated in 2008 by the family of 1991 VASJ graduate Joy, who succumbed to cancer in 2006. This scholarship is designated for participants in the VASJ basketball program who exhibit the characteristics of a stout leader and overachiever. Five students have been selected as recipients of the Joy Kwasniak “Live for Joy” Memorial Scholarship. Receiving $1500 each are Mariah McGhee and Shamaurice Mowler. Awarded $3000 each are Duane Gibson, Mike McGarry, and Nasteyia Parrish.


The following students were selected for the Howley Family Scholarship as incoming freshmen. These students demonstrated high academic achievement in grade school and placed in the top 1/3 of the VASJ Placement Test. These students have maintained at least a 3.0 grade point average while at VASJ, participant significantly in at lease one extracurricular activity, maintain good standing with the school, and submit semi-annually an outline of their progress and academic accomplishments to the Howley Family Foundation. Combined they have been awarded over $31,000.

Maelyn Bacchus, Alexis Breads, Angelique Broadus, Jessica Deveney, Jacob DiDonato, Mar-Cel English, Demonte Flannigan, Alexus Johnson, Paul Johnson, Kaja Kijauskas, James Maher, Andrianna Peterson and Taylor Wheeler.

The following students were awarded a scholarship based on their Entrance Exam Scores. Each of these students scored in the top ten of their given year’s entrance exam and have had maintained certain levels of honors to renew their monetary award. Their combined awards total more than $50,000.

Chris Bencic, Forest Bertosa, Ed Beuck, Joe Conway, Nichole Cramer, Jessica Deveney, Jacob DiDonato, Melanie Duffy, Sydney Epps, Connor Gail, Amanda Gornik, Jeff Grudzinski, Tremayne Harvell, Malia Harvey, Julia Humensky, Alexus Johnson, Maurice Johnson, Pat Mastalski, Janis Miller, Dominic Nicholas, Brian Parker, Andrianna Peterson, Jared Plesec, Janae Potts, Jaelyn Rogers, Kortni Spates, Alison Sukys, Kelly Tecco, Jordan Walker and McKenna Walker

The following students are current recipients of the Scheidel Scholarship. It was created by the Scheidel Foundation whose founder, Herbert Scheidel is an alumn. These students have maintained a GPA of at least 3.25, have positive attitudes, are active within the school community and plan on attending college. Recipients have received $2,500 each and, provided they maintain the requirements of the scholarship, will have the scholarship renewed each year they are in attendance at VASJ.

Alex Harvey, Shay Harris, Maria Lozada and Alexis Richards

These students are a part of the Marianist Urban Student Program (MUSP). They have undergone a rigorous application and approval process and must maintain a certain level of academic success and personal character. They receive a combined scholarship and financial aid package from the Marianists totaling more than $100,000 in addition to tutoring, mentoring and community building opportunities.

Raymell Banks, Javonni Barrow, Rebecca Casisa, Alexis Clark, Daesha Cook, Torelle Cotlege, Karl Garner, Bianca Gulley, Tremayne Harvell, Miguel Howell, Carmen Johnson, Alecia McCrary, DeSeanna Morgan, Teauna O’Neal, Karissa Osborne, Malik Sullins, Nick Uitenham, Taylor Warren, Kyra Williams, Chris West, Ayesha Williams and Jeff Williams

Congratulations to all of our scholarship winners!

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