VASJ float wins first place in Alive on 185 parade

VASJ was excited to once again participate in this year’s Alive on 185 Parade which was held on May 19. The freshman class created a float which was a moving collage of thank you signs for the graduating seniors as a way of saying goodbye and thanking them for their leadership. VASJ was awarded first place in the float competition.

“(VASJ) was a great addition to the parade and we received many positive comments about your participation,” says Denise Lorek, parade coordinator at Northeast Shores.

Also participating in the parade were the Viking cheerleaders, athletes, students and a few members of the VASJ faculty.


The freshman class designed a float to honor the VASJ graduating class of 2012.

VASJ was awarded first place for the float created by the freshman class.

VASJ freshman march in the Alive on 185 parade held in May.