VASJ celebrates Veterans Day

When VASJ math teacher and retired Army Lieutenant Gary Minadeo ’74 opened the Veterans Day Assembly with the words, “This is a somber event. Please let it not be about you but rather let it be about all who have served,” he set the tone for the entire event and his words did not go unheard.

There was not a sound in the gym for the entire duration of the assembly, which is very unusual considering it was filled with the entire student body, faculty and staff. From the opening recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to the closing benediction by Coach Tony Redding, the students were completely silent, with the exception of some laughter during Coach Babe Kwasniak’s wonderful presentation about his time spent in the military.

The amount of respect displayed by the students was enough to make anyone in attendance extremely proud to be a Viking.VASJ is proud to honor all veterans today and every day. Thank you to all veterans for your sacrifices, commitment and service to keep us safe.

Student Council Officers lit Memorial Candles for WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War and all others who have made sacrifices in the military.