Students thank Don '70 and Mary Jo Dailey

Students, faculty and staff gathered in VASJ’s newly renovated gymnasium to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on Monday, Dec 8.

During his homily, celebrant Fr. Ted Cassidy, S.M., spoke about gifts. He said that each individual on the planet has a special gift to discover – a gift for you, your family and the world,” he said.
The message was especially appropriate to the occasion as VASJ students took the opportunity to thank Don ’70 and Mary Jo Dailey for the generous gift they made to make the new gym possible. Mr. Dailey is chairman of VASJ’s Board of Advisors.

Jacob Kozac '16. celebrant Fr. Ted Cassidy, S.M., Shawn Caruso-Taylor '17, wait to receive the gifts during the Immaculate Conception mass.

Prior to the final blessing, representatives of various student organizations that use the gym for their activities recognized the Daileys for their gift. Student Council President Alison Sukys ’14 called students from a dozen student groups forward. Each representative handed Mrs. Dailey one red and one blue carnation as a sign of their gratitude.

Don Dailey '70, Alison Sukys '14 and Mary Jo Dailey stand with the carnations each student organization presented as a sign of their gratitude for the Dailey's generosity towards the new gym.

“The gym is a place for past, present and future Vikings to mix,” Sukys said. “It is people like you who continue to help us as a student body thrive and become the young adults we need to be to enter the world.”
The entire student body, faculty and staff gave the Daileys a standing ovation.

Another tribute to the Dailys will take place on Friday, December 12, 2014 at the Viking Boys Basketball season opener at home against Holy Name high school.