Students recognized for academic achievement at awards ceremony

Students, faculty, staff, and parents at VASJ, came together to celebrate the 2016-17 student achievements. 

View photos from the event here.

Awards were presented to the following students:

Academic achievement awards are presented to those students who have displayed academic excellence, intellectual prowess, and the highest achievement in the various academic disciplines and technical skills offered in the VASJ curriculum.

Engineering & Technology

Engineering 1 & 2

Gordon Boru

Engineering 3 & 4

Javari Hines


John Allen


Kelton Gibson


Antonia Furlan


Viking Mindset

Maura Kinsella

Modified English 1

Philip Davis

CP English 1 

Nariah Johnson-Moore

Honors English 1

Misrach Ewunetie 

Modified English 2

Andrew Oriani

CP English 2

Le'Shyra Smith

Honors English 2

Kathleen O'Donnell

Viking Vectors

Melanie Mitchell

Modified English 3

Meagan Wallace

CP English 3

Serena Saba

Honors English 3

Mary Furlan

Modified English 4

Devin Baisden

CP English 4

Tahlayah Morrow

Honors English 4

Sabrina Mihaila

AP English

William Vidmar

    Fine Arts

Art 1

Mary Furlan

Art 2

A'Diva Warren

Art 3

Alexis Whitsette

Art 4

Nia Germany

Men's Choir

Terrell Johnson-Jones


Blake Hodge

Music Appreciation

Maura Kinsella

Culinary Arts 1

Jordan Wright

Culinary Arts 2

Sara Morgan


Modified Math 1

Olivia Linsky

CP Algebra 1

Nariah Johnson-Moore

Honors Algebra 1

Shauna Burkes

Modified Math 2

George Wilson

CP Geometry

Kathleen O'Donnell

Honors Geometry

Misrach Ewunetie

Modified Math 3

Carl Chaney

CP Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Erin Osborne

Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Elizabeth Gielink


Taliah Hughley


Rhatia Hopkins

Modified Math 4

Devin Baisden

College Algebra

Ashley Wilson

Applied FInite Mathematics

Aurrion Stokes


William Vidmar

Calculus 1

Timothy Raddell

Calculus 2

Mary Furlan

Calculus 3

William Vidmar


Religion 1: The Bible 

Misrach Ewunetie

Religion 1: Jesus Christ 

Nariah Johnson-Moore

Religion 2: Paschal Mystery

A'Diva Warren

Religion 2: Church

A'Diva Warren

Religion 3: The Sacraments

Jerry Higgins

Religion 3: World Religions

Elizabeth Smith

Religion 4: Morality 

Sara Morgan

Religion 4: Social Justice

Mary Dirk

Teen Leadership Corps.

Cha'wana Ford


CP Physical Science

Grace Reichert

Honors Physical Science

Wrigley Bailey

CP Biology

Devland Culliver

Honors Biology

Vanessa Apelons


Patrick Sheridan

CP Chemistry

Sophia Tromba

Honors Chemistry

Rhatia (Tia) Hopkins

AP Chemistry

William Vidmar

CP Physics

Collin Green

Anatomy & Physiology

Nikkia Schady

Social Studies

World History

Alexandria Parker

CP World History

John Parker

Honors World History

Jillian DiDona

US History

Nehemiah Moore

CP US History

Tyler Matambanaadzo

Honors US History

Jerome Sidley

AP US History

Harrison McCreight


Jamie Kundrat

CP Government

Christopher Boykin

AP Government

Jerry Higgins


Nikkia Schady


Lara Pagendarm-Winter

20th Century America

Nikkia Schady

Women in America

Sabrina Mihaila

African American History

Nikkia Schady

Public Speaking

Amber Miller

Street Law

Lara Pagendarm-Winter

                        World Languages

Spanish I

Kathleen O"Donnell

Spanish 2

Elizabeth Smith

Spanish Grammar and Composition

Dena Pullum

French I

Misrach Ewunetie

French II

Erin Osborne

Student Council Awards are presented on behalf of the school to those who have gone above and beyond in their leadership and service to VASJ during the 2016-17 year. Receiving this recognition are:  

Senior Class President: Janae Johnson

Senior Class Vice-President: Nikkia Schady

Senior Class Secretary: Chelsea Appling

Senior Class Treasurer: Lara Pagendarm-Winter

Senior Class Executive President: Makayla Potts

Senior Class Executive Vice-President: William Vidmar

Senior Class Executive Secretary: Noah Newlon

Senior Class Executive Treasurer: Eleanor Boru

The following student leaders of clubs and organizations have been selected by their moderators to receive recognition for their exemplary participation and leadership in the clubs and organizations at VASJ. It is the interest of these young men and women, their willingness to give of themselves, and their leadership, that makes the clubs and organizations as successful as they are.

Academic Decathlon

Tyyonna Davis


Hailey Barnett

Audio Visual Club

William Solnosky

Board Game Club

Sara Morgan, Lara Pagendarm-Winter, Sabrina Mihaila 

Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice

Hailey Barnett

Chef's Club

Aurrion Stokes

Drama Club

Ashley Wilson


Taylor Dean


Shawn Caruso-Taylor

Lady Vikings Choir

Leah Stanoch


Erin Osborne


Chantaisa White

National Honor Society

Marisa Apelons

Peer Ministry

Shawn Caruso-Taylor and Elizabeth Smith

Red Cross

Cha'wana Ford

Science Olympiad

Patrick Bradford and Anna Radachy

The Scholastic Achievement Awards are presented to the freshman, sophomore and junior respectively that maintain the highest grade point average in their class at VASJ. 

As of the end of the first semester this year the student maintaining the highest average

For the class of 2020…………..Misrach Ewunetie

For the class of 2019…………… Vanessa Apelons

For the class of 2018………….. Tim Raddell

The American Mathematics Contest is a national exam given yearly during the month of February throughout the United States.  Placing first at VASJ on their respective exams were:

Andrew Fabo and Sara Morgan

The University of Rochester’s High School Awards Program recognizes current juniors who demonstrate exceptional Promise. Students who are awarded one of these recognitions are eligible for a $30,000 scholarship if they choose to attend the University of Rochester.

The BAUSCH & LOMB HONORARY SCIENCE AWARD, recognizes a student who has attained outstanding academic achievement in rigorous science courses and demonstrate superior intellectual promise in the field of science.

This year’s winner of the Bausch & Lomb Science Award is Erin Osborne.     

The Frederick Douglas & Susan B. Anthony Award is presented to a student who is committed to understanding and addressing difficult social situations and who has shown leadership and dedication to community action.  The 2017 awardee is Hailey Barnett.

The George Eastman Young Leaders Award recognizes a strong leader who excels in challenging courses while maintaining an extensive co-curricular load. VASJ’s selection is Eleanor Boru.

The Xerox Award For Innovation & Information Technology acknowledges a junior who show interest in and excels in a field of engineering or technology.  This year’s recipient is Jonathan Adkins.

The Rensselaer Medal is awarded to a junior who has distinguished him or herself in mathematics and science and   has significant involvement in extracurricular activities.

If the recipient applies to and is accepted to attend Rensselaer and then enrolls there, the medalist receives the medal scholarship valued at $60,000.

The 2017 Rensselaer Medalist for VASJ is Mary Furlan.

The VASJ community gathers for all-school prayer to begin and end our day.  Students volunteer and are selected to lead prayer. For their willingness to be one of the leaders of Daily Prayer awards go to Marisa Apelons, Malia Ali, and Elizabeth Smith.     

Service has always been a requirement of students who attend Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School. However, students frequently go above and beyond the requirement in both hours and spirit. Hospice of the Western Reserve is honoring ten VASJ students for their dedication and continued acts of service with Hospice.  

The 2017 Hospice of the Western Reserve Certificate of Appreciation goes to the following Teen Volunteers:

Schenley Blase

Megan Gurney

Breannah Jones-Parks

Sabrina Mihaila

Lara Pagendarm - Winter

David Paus

Jazz Samuels

Alandia Strong

Christina Vollman

Meagan Wallace

For her exceptional service to the community, the following student is being recognized with the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, Certificate of Excellence: 

Lara Pagendarm-Winter

The Bishop Anthony M. Pilla Peace and Justice Award, is a sign of our gratitude for his service to the diocese of Cleveland, and his inspiration to its youth. This award will be given annually, through the Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice network, which Bishop Pilla helped found. It is given to students who, through their involvement and leadership in CSPJ activities, were nominated and selected by the faculty of diocesan schools. Each school’s selected students will receive a plaque to commemorate their honor. In addition, a permanent plaque of honor will be displayed at the Diocesan Social Action Office, where CSPJ meetings are sometimes held throughout each year. This year’s honoree is Hailey Barnett. 

 The SALLY J. FURLICH SERVICE AWARD and scholarship has been given at VASJ since the year following Sally’s untimely death in 1992.  Sally had been a secretary in several of our school offices since 1980. She was a woman who usually worked behind the scenes, always giving more of her time and talents than was ever expected, and generally without having to be asked. Whatever her job description was it never prevented her from assisting people throughout the school. Hence, to commemorate that attitude of giving and service and to encourage its development in VASJ students, the Parent Organization sponsors the $250 Sally Furlich scholarships to

David Paus, Marisa Apelons, Erin Osborne, Devland Culliver, Sierra McCarroll, and Rhiannon Edwards  

The Viking Service Award was founded four years ago to promote service among our students and recognize those who give unselfishly of their time and talents. The Viking Service Award is presented to those students who complete at least twice the number of required service hours at an approved non-profit agency and submitted a reflection of the service by the approved date. Earning this distinction are:  


Wrigley Bailey, Cha’Nyra Cooper, Rhiannan Edwards, Dominic Formica, Nick Lamont, Jordan Stanoch, and Leah Stanoch 


Briana Caruso-Taylor, Devland Culliver, Brian Greene, Tia Hopkins, Trinity Johnson, Rebecca Korosec, Dakota Martin, and Morgan Nance 


Hailey Barnett, Eleanor Boru, Antonia Furlan, Timothy Raddell, Patrick Sheridan, Julie Trevarthen, Candace Trivisonno, Sophia Tromba, and Meagan Wallace 


John Allen, Grace Carlson, Jamya Kye, Kathleen McKay, Amber Miller, Lara Pagendarm -Winter, and Ally Panzero  

Bernard J. Guilfoyle Award is named for a former teacher, coach, athletic director father of several Viking grads and a legend at St. Joseph High and then VA-SJ, and throughout the athletic community of Greater Cleveland. Bernie passed away twenty years ago leaving behind many stories of his care and concern for his family, his students, his athletes and his fellow teachers. This award is presented to basketball players who maintains at least a 3.0 GPA and is actively involved in his or her church, school, or community. Earning the Guilfoyle Awards this year are Danny McGarry and Elizabeth Smith.