All prayer requests will be added to the prayer request book in the VASJ Chapel.  Prayers will be listed on VASJ’s website for six months.


Prayer Requests

Prayer Requested By
Prayer Requested For
Prayer Request
 4/29/14   Michelle Triska Michelle
Please pray for my health.
 1/29/14   Charles Charles Please pray for myself and my family during this strenuous time.
 1/29/14   Diane Diane

Pray for the doctors that are treating me and pray that I will be cleared to return to work very soon.

 1/09/14   VASJ Robert Shaffner Please pray for Robert's health and for his friends and family.
 8/26   Tom Durst Tom Durst

I am in the process of going through a move which is always very stressful. I would appreciate prayers for guidance, direction, and needed help. I'm also thankful for healing that is in process in my life and making progress but could use additional prayers for that.

 8/21   Annie Transfer Students

That they will make new friends that start here at the Viking Village as well as keep their old friends from their old schools.

 8/6/13   Matthew Brickman '12

 VASJ Class of 2017

May the Lord be with the incoming freshman this year and that by the time they graduate they will have formed a special bond together as a class. Lastly, I pray that each and every student learns the importance of the Gospel values during their time at VASJ. God bless VASJ and all of their students.

 4/11/13   VASJ Chris McGrath '69
Please send healing prayers to Mr. McGrath.
Theresa Koch Helen Koch Helen passed away on December 24, 2012.  Please keep our family in your prayers, especially her grandchildren Tom '06, Natalie '08, Bill '09, Olivia '11 and Valerie '15.