The Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School Hall of Fame was established to honor alumni/ae, faculty members and others associated with the VASJ community who, through their achievements, their exemplary character and their dedicated service, embody the ideals nurtured by the current school and its predecessor institutions – Villa Angela Academy and St. Joseph High School.

The Hall of Fame inductees, in many ways, have proven themselves worthy role models for today's students to emulate. They have made noteworthy contributions to their school, to their community and to many volunteer organizations. They have been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in academics, in the athletic arena and in their professional careers. Most important, they have demonstrated integrity and unselfish service to others. By putting Christian ideals into practice in their daily lives, they inspire and challenge both young and old to give generously of their time and talent in the service of God, country and community.

Joseph Andry '67
Dr. Carl F. Asseff '59
Ronald J. Banc '64
James Beers '60
Mary Lou Beers '61
Marilyn Tucci Belevice '68
John R. Blakemore '62
Janice Consolo-Borkey '57
Thomas J. Brazaitis '58
Bill Cervenik '72
Sr. Irene Charette, O.S.U. '56
Loretta Boltezar '62 and William Cosgrove '62           
Tony and Rose Cvelbar
Timothy Davis '72
Sr. Ursula Fahey, O.S.U. '28
Joseph Farrell '61
Umberto Fedeli '78
London Fletcher '93
Timothy Flynt '71
Sally J. Furlich
Bro. Gilbert Gensler, S.M.
Michael J. Golic '81
Robert Golic '75
Elvis Grbac '88
Bernard J. Guilfoyle
William J. Gutbrod
Rev. James L. Heft, S.M. '61
Rev. Patrick Henry '59
Sr. Rosemary Hocevar, O.S.U. '55
Desmond Howard '88
Judy Braun Hutchinson '58
Sr. Jean Iffarth, O.S.U. '66
Clark Kellogg '79
Dr. Richard A. Knazek '58
John Kuzmic
Tedd Kwasniak
Evelyn Langer
Diane and James Lardie '55
Ken Prince '64
Herbert Lehmann and Bob Princic
Patrick Lyons '70
Chuck Martinko
Gary Mishaga '58
J. Timothy McCormack '62
James T. McDonough
Janet Gergely Merrick '66
Michael Moran '69 
Nancy Slominski Naujoks '68
Norman T. Novak '55
Kelly O'Donnell '83
Richard Offak '71
Bro. Michael O'Grady, S.M.
Therese Osborne '60
Tony Petkovsek '59
Thomas Prince '66
Joseph Radican
Sr. Susan Mary Rathbun, O.S.U. '58
Rev. Eldon Reichert, S.M.
Roberta Reichtell '72
Timothy W. Robertson '62
Bro. Richard Rose, S.M.
Henry and Frances Royer
Timothy J. Ryan '61
Tom Schoen '64
Sr. Naomi Schreiner, O.S.U.
Eleanor and Vito Scotese
John Sheridan '58
John Shinsky '69
William E. Sopko '67
Alfred R. Srp
John I. Storey '59
Reggie Stover
Roger Sustar '61
Ronald J. Suster '60
Rev. Ken Templin, S.M. '58
James Tobin
Mary Verdi-Fletcher '75
Sr. Angela Marie Waldron, O.S.U. '43
Rene Scanlan Weber '54
Rev. Louis Wiesner, S.M.
Madelyn Witchner '32
Ret. Admiral Ronald J. Zlatoper '59