1. Authorization for Release of Records

  • Give authorization to the Guidance Office to release academic information to a third party
  • Click here for the release of records form. Form must be signed (by parent/guardian or student if over age 18) and returned to Mrs. Petraitis in the Guidance Office.
  • Transcripts cannot be released until a signed form is on file in the Guidance Office

2. Transcript request form

  • Click here for the transcript request form (also located on the Schoology College Information group). This form MUST be completed and given to Mrs. Duhigg (you can also send it electronically by attaching the document to a Schoology message to Mrs. Duhigg).
  • Will designate the college to which you are applying, whether you applied online or have attached a paper application and whether it is ready to send or if we need to “hold” it for missing materials (recommendations, essays, etc.)
  • Any College Prep Forms must be given to Mrs. Duhigg to complete. It is your responsibility to give it to Mrs. Duhigg.

3. Reviewed/mailed

  • Mrs. Duhigg will review applications for completion.
  • Once all application materials have been received, it is promptly mailed from the Guidance Office.

First 3 requests are free.
$3.00 each additional transcript sent.


  • Meeting deadlines are YOUR responsibility
  • Usual turnaround time from date of request to mailing date is 7-10 working days
  • Be considerate of teachers’ time as well.
  • Give ample notice when asking for a written recommendation.
  • To eliminate confusion, teachers will now be asked to submit letters of recommendation directly to the Guidance Office on your behalf.


YOU are the one going to college…not your parent or guardian.

YOU need to be responsible for knowing and meeting deadlines.

YOU need to maintain communication with the Guidance Office. Do not expect your parents to do it for you!