Campus Ministry

The VASJ community is united and bonded to one another through Jesus Christ in a faith that is nurtured through experiences as a community and service to others.

Our Catholic identity is first and foremost. A Marianist and Ursuline education is truly a gift to each and every student. They are the Catholic traditions and values that define who we are at VASJ and the young adults we educate.

VASJ educates students to transform their world where they embrace and respect differences in our society and develop critical thinking skills to search for truth and readily respond to the signs of the times in their faith.



 "Act, persevere, believe, strive, hope, and cry to God with all your heart and you will see wonders..."

- St. Angela Merici


"The spirit of faith will become a spirit of confidence in God, a spirit of zeal, a spirit of courage and generosity."

- Fr. William Joseph Chaminade