A letter from VASJ senior Leon Rockamore Jr.

Dear Viking family,

In the Fall of 2013, I attended my freshman year of high school at Villa Angela-St. Joseph. I made the choice to come here because the community and atmosphere I believed suited me best to grow, learn, and love. 

As the closing of my senior year gets closer, I can say that I could not have found a better school. The people here, ranging from faculty to student body, have made a large and positive impact on me during these four years. 

The education I have received is meaningful, and I feel those who taught me love doing what they do. That, I feel, is one of the greatest things about VASJ; that everyone loves what they do, and they do it because they love the school.

Throughout these years of high school, I have learned more about myself and who I want to be when I grow up. VASJ has given me all of the things I need to become that person. 

When I started at VASJ, I was not as extroverted as I am now. This school, through its clubs, community, and service, allowed me to open up and express myself. It is through this expression that I feel I have discovered myself. 

Every day in class got me another step in the right direction to manage my life better for my future in college, career, and spiritual life. Each year of religion class brought me closer and closer to God and what I feel His plans are for me, and without them, I feel I would still be exactly where I started. I am now ready to move on to college life at Cleveland State University to study Chemical Engineering and change the world as a Viking.

Villa Angela-St Joseph High School is a wonderful community and a beautiful place to grow. I personally feel that it is the best place on earth to spend four of the most important years of your development. With the support that this school provides, anyone can become their very best. 

I thank all of those who have donated to this school and strongly encourage those who are still considering to please do so at vasj.com/donate. You don’t know how many lives you will change; but if you are curious to see, come visit.

Leon Rockamore Jr. ’17

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